Shane Jason Mock

Assistant VP, Research and Development, American Fidelity

We're living in the most exciting time in history! Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation are going to change everything.

I started my career as an actuary, responsible for pricing Cancer Insurance, and became manager of the Disability Insurance pricing team. Following that, I moved into leading Research and Development, where I get to pursue my passion: empowering and mentoring hungry learners who want to change the world. Raising up leaders who are brilliant and creative, and equipping them with the most innovative technology that the world has ever known, makes this career path a really fun hobby.

Whether it's presenting to the Board, working with one of our colleagues in the call center to automate daily processes, talking with our Sales teams to help make data-driven decisions, or explaining the details of AI algorithms to Executive Management, one of the challenges I really enjoy is taking difficult concepts and breaking them down to simple terms so that every person in the organization can assimilate the info, take action, and improve the business for our customers.

The future is bright, and I feel so fortunate to be on a team that helps create it!