Sai Giridharan

Director of Enterprise Analytics, Heritage Insurance

Sai Giridharan is the Director of Enterprise Analytics at Heritage Insurance, a regional P&C Insurance carrier based out of Clearwater, FL - protecting homes and commercial residences along the East Coast of US as well as in Hawaii. Creating actionable insights followed by conceiving, designing and executing innovative business roadmaps leveraging analytical insights & AI – is what Sai has been recognized for at multiple large P&C Insurers. Some of his accomplishments have been building cross channel business model platforms that increased net new sales by 30% and cross sells by 25% in just one year, designing and delivering an award winning analytics platform that helped increase new sales, turned the product from unprofitable to highly profitable and drastically improved customer experience for the Homeowners product , and using Analytics & AI creating a completely automated Claims settlement process to efficiently handle the massive scale of claims in one of the worst CAT years in recent times.